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Roces Adjustable Kids Ski Boot 22.5-25.5

IDEA is the first ski boot able to grow along with your child. Through the patented “6 in 1” device the size of the boot can be easily adjusted. IDEA not only grows longer, it actually allows for adjustment in cuff height (Height G.C.) and width (Width G.C.) utilizing micro-adjustable buckles. This allows the boot to actually grow along with your child. Roces is innovating the ski world through the technical knowledge acquired in the skating industry. The outcome is IDEA a true revolution in kids skiing.


The “6 in 1” lever has been strengthened through a metal pinion, providing additional security, safety and reliability of the Length Growth Compensator.

      Size Change

The “6 in 1” system is unbelievably easy to use: to select the right length you just need to rotate the lever placed on the lower part of the boot (close to the heel) to the chosen size.                                                                                                      

1. Open the buckles of your boot

2. Rotate the lever to reach the desired size

3. Close the lever to the proper peg

      Height growth compensator:

The height adjustable cuff is able to compensate the growth of any leg to counterbalance the extension of the shell.
This preserves a balance between all the natural parameters necessary to ensure the proper position while skiing.


      Width compensator:

The upper buckle's rack can be adjusted in two different positions in order to
improve ski boot comfort.

Micro-adjustable buckle:

Shock resistant, long lasting, micro-adjustable buckles ensure proper fit.


Liner Fit:

The staple feature of IDEA’s liner is a unique adjusting system. Unlike any other system today the bellows allow real growth of the liner allowing for the natural development of the foot. The Liner Bellows System (LBS) has been devised to avoid any uncomfortable pressure through all parts of the foot. The bellows (LBS) system allows the liner and shell to work in tandem to produce a fit that is accurate, comfortable and warm. In fact the natural/resting position of the liner is with the bellows extended to the largest size (PIC. A), while shortening the shell makes the bellows compress (PIC. B) Into smaller sizes. It is easy to see that it is not the foot that makes the liner grow, but the shell itself.


The variety of materials and technology used in manufacturing have made IDEA a high quality boot perfectly suited to introducing children to the sport of skiing in an easy, technically efficient and absolutely safe manner. Shell: Polypropylene (PP) Buckles: Aluminum (ALU) and Polycarbonate (PC) Pad: Slow memory foam. Lining: Easy Entry System Lycra and velvet.

* Color

Selected Color: Black/Red

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